Briefly describe the advantages of using a MS Access.

Some important advantages of using MS Access are as follows:

  1. 1.       Sample Databases

MS Access includes samples database applications for users. These applications help the users to learn about real-world tables, forms, queries and reports. The users can also understand the interconnection of these objects to form a database system.

  1. 2.       Wizards

MS Access provides many wizards to create a database easily. The user can choose the desired example from several examples of database using the wizard. These examples include contact information. Inventory control and ledger etc. the user can also modify these examples according to exact requirements.

  1. 3.       Keys to understand the structure

MS Access allows the user to view all relationships in the database graphically. The Relationship Windows is used to display these database relationships. It makes the process of specifying relationships easier and quicker.

  1. 4.       Microsoft Office integration

The databases created in MS Access can easily exchange data with Microsoft Office applications. For example, the data stored in Access database can be exported to MS Excel.

  1. 5.       Easier Programming

MS Access provides the facility of easier programming. The user can use relatively simple code with macros to automate the repeated tasks. The user can also create more complex and flexible code with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). MS Access provides graphical shortcuts and hints that help the user to write code easily.

  1. Command Standard

MS Access uses the standard structured query language (SQL) to perform different operations on the database. SQL is a standard language used in different relational databases.

  1. 7.       No Redundancy

MS Access allows the user to store, retrieve, sort, analyze and print information stored in the database. Data may be manipulated without redundancy by defining relationships between sets of data. Redundancy means duplication of data in multiple files. It wastes the storage media of the computer.