Urdu is formal language of Muslim of India. Whereas Urdu is official language of Pakistan and it is among the five biggest spoken languages in India. There are different languages in different regions of India. It started in (UP, India) and later on developed in Mughal period of time. Urdu is much resembling with Indian National language called Hindi.

The Mughal emperors use Turk as their official language but when they arrived in South Asia , they adopted Persian as it was spoken there in those days.Perso-Arabic script was used for writing this language. Later on it was given name as Urdu. It is written in Nastaliq art, so in this way both are in close relation with each other. Nastaliq calligraphy is new form of two olden scripts Naskh and Taliq. Naskh was used in ancient time for Holy verses belong to Arabic calligraphy and Taliq was style of Islamic script to developed Persian among the common people. After the combination of both styles, a new script came into existence with name of Nastaliq.


Nastaliq is written with Qalam and Dw’aat, and try to make the nib of Qalam is sharper and having ability to absorb ink in itself. Many famous calligraphers like Aslam kiratpuri of India and many other Muslim calligraphers play a vital role in the promotion of Urdu through their work of art. There are 38 alphabets in Urdu and are written in Nastaliq art of calligraphy from right to left side. Urdu Nastaliq was commonly in use after the conquest of Mughal sultanate. This script is dominant in Pakistani calligrapher’s mind and mostly writers are using this script now in their calligraphy.