Nastaliq is one of the best scripts for writing perso-Arabic script. The Persian used this script for their language script writing. Nastaliq is the combination of two old script, Naskh and taliq. It was introduced by the Persian in 14th and 15th centuries. Naskh script is used for writing Persian script whereas Taliq script is used for Pashto. But now these are generally using in Turkish language. The pen (Qalam) and Inkpot (Dw’aat) is most important for writing Nastaliq script.

In Mughal period, Nastaliq developed tremendously because their mother tongue was Persian and Nastaliq script is also specific script for the Persian. The alphabets that are used for Nastaliq script are written from left to right. That was not enough, the Nastaliq script also developed with the passage of time and it was renamed as Noori Nastaliq. The Modern Nastaliq script was created by a famous calligrapher Mirza Ahmad jamil.

Later the Noori Nastaliq also included in Inpage as new script. Nastaliq script’s look is similar to Urdu calligraphy. The following art picture is also main example of Nastaliq. The given script is about based on Islamic script. Although here is used simply Nastaliq script but the background color combination is marvelous and also according with the script nature.