I give you an introduction of Mehr Rasheed. He is a Calligraphic Artist of Urdu and an expert in the Western Calligraphic Art along with this he is also a paint brusher. His teacher is Ustad Noor Hussain Angvi who is the director of the Zahid Arts in Khushab now.

Moreover he is a bachelor of age 27 years. He is an Artist not by job but by the pleasure. He says, “When I dip the brush in paint then I feel like I am totally free in the world to do what I want best to do.” There are thousands of his Architectures which he has created. On aspect of his Art instead a half aspect of his art is the work which he does in the Adobe Photoshop.


He is moving on the ways of success with his work of Art. He introduced a new style of the Calligraphic Art of Nastaliq and has blended his hand made Art with the modern designing techniques of the Adobe Photoshop. His designs are so outstanding and marvelous that you cannot resist their beauty.

Sitting in his room where works he gets lost in the beauty of London. He is a great lover of the beauty of the England. His English Calligraphic work is point of charming shock for even the experts in this field.