This is a new beautiful Urdu Nastaliq Calligraphy painting with the majority famous Calligraphic style of Nastaliq.

The Calligraphic Architecture was imported in the Adobe Photoshop CS where it was mixed up with this design which itself is the stunning piece of natural calligraphy Art painting.

The background gives the deep scene of the evening and the Calligraphic Art of Nastaliq makes it a bit bright and conveys a message of a fresh beginning of the Calligraphic Art of the Nastaliq at the time when it is setting down. These images also conveys a message that Nastaliq is the most famous eastern Art and the east means the rising.

Urdu is combination of many languages and has little difference in writing as compared to other language writing. Urdu is much associated with Arabic and Persian because the translation of the both language is done in Urdu also.

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