Islamic calligraphy is mutually coordinated with Arabic Calligraphy. Because the purpose of these both calligraphies are transmission of Islamic teaching. We see that mostly calligraphy art is based on Islamic verses. The Holy book of Muslim, Holy Quran is the biggest example of this calligraphy.

Islamic calligraphy shows the expression of the Muslim. Similarly Arabic calligraphy is considered as the primary source for Holy Quran. The Muslim calligrapher introduced new art and script for writing.

Most calligraphers became famous by developing Islamic Calligraphy in new trend. In the earlier days, The Kufi script was known as best script due to character combination. It was considered as script for the Holy Quran. After this the Naskh script came in to use. Then all the Arabic script was written in Naskh script. At that time the Persian used to write Persian in ta’liq. They joined the both script together and the new script came in to being with the name Nastaliq.

The Muslims also promote the Islamic calligraphy in Pakistan. Pakistan has produced many popular calligraphers like Sadeqain and Gull Gee. Sadeqain promoted the Islamic calligraphy very much. Most of his art belongs to Islamic and Arabic calligraphy. Gull Gee also took great contribution in the promotion of the Islamic Calligraphy in Pakistan.

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