Ramadan Kareem is wonderful art model written by Mehr Rasheed. The format of this image is Nastaliq. Nastaliq font format is mostly used for Islamic-Arabic and Urdu calligraphy. So same in this image, Ramadan Kareem is written here in Nastaliq format. It is advantage of Nastaliq art that one can read and understand it easily because of its widely writing technique. Urdu is national language of Indo-Pak Muslims. This language has also its own alphabets like other languages. There are 36 alphabets with 13 additional which help you in writing any complex word.

The following word is also written with similar technique. The Urdu language was actually tongue in Military of Muslims of sub-continent. Mehr Rasheed has written this art for his personal site for art. On this website you will find the most beautiful Art of Urdu Nastaliq as well. Watch more interesting Art images, Art videos and Art paintings here on this website.

ramzane kreem