This tutorial is about the Arabic calligraphy. Arabic calligraphy is used for the transmission of the Islamic verses to the common people. This method was use in the ancient time. But still it is to be continued. Arabic calligraphy script is much similar to Islamic calligraphy. We can say them both as belong to one category.

This script is a part of old Naskh script, because before the introduction of Arabic script, the holy verses were written in this way. The Arabic alphabets are having a curved combination among them to form the word easily.

Some alphabets are a little bit different from Urdu alphabet. This script is mostly used by the Muslim calligraphers like Famous calligrapher Sadeqain and Gull Gee. Both are the world famous calligrapher for Islamic and Arabic script. This script shows the expression of the Islamic religion also. Islam is the religion of peace and calm, similarly this script also provides peaceful sight to look at.

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In the earlier time it was prohibited to write the holy verses in calligraphy and considered as insulting but later on, it became the part of culture and source to expand the religious teaching to other. The Art given below is also a beautiful example of Islamic Arabic art calligraphy by Mehr Rasheed.