Al Qasim Memorial Foundation

We are volunteer trainers . We already have done a lot of work as volunteer trainers and online teachers. Such as for Maya software training you may visit our great and the world’s number one free tutorials’ section of

We have been successful in providing many offline skills like screen printing or T shirt printing. Our website section on screen printing by Cliking Here. Even we provide calligraphic skills to the fond artists of Calligraphy almost in major languages like English, Arabic, Persian, Urdu and so forth. is a great website for school and college students. We provide free tuitions here, for Biology, Maths, English, physics, chemistry, and almost all subjects of schools and colleges of Matriculation and FSc etc.

As I mentioned earlier that we are volunteers, you will find every content, video, Image, tutorial etc on our websites totally free. There is no cost for learning there. There is no membership fee even. There is no bothering of wondering from page to page for searching your favorite specific topics there. We put everything straightway. We don’t cause pain to our visitors as you normally see on other websites.

Our main motto is to provide skills and education to the people who need it. Our organization’s name is Al Qasim Memorial Foundation.


Al Qasim Memorial Trust

In memory of Qasim Raza a brilliant student of his time who changed the trend of learning in schools by understanding the lessons instead of memorizing books. He was only 17 years old when he died on 17 august 2010. He was a legend of Khushab, a youngest scientist, poet, writer, philosopher and scholar.


Al Qasim Memorial Trust is an organization aims at the development in Education and skills of the people, for the people, by the people.


  • To support national education system with all possible means.
  • To help district education department in making things right.
  •  To promote the national syllabus as the best syllabus for the generations of Pakistan instead of the imported syllabuses.
  • To arrange free classes for students and teachers as refresher courses for the better understanding of concepts in courses.
  • To support the students with money, free tuitions, books and all necessary and possible stuff.
  • To explore the needs and requirements of schools and other educational institutes and fulfill them with possible and available resources.
  •  To examine and check the schools and teachers for their problems and issues and help them in making things right.
  • To collect data about the strengths of schools and the qualities, quantities, values and conditions of a students there.
  •  To arrange functions, seminars, programs, discussions, talk shows and all other possible meetings for better understanding and awareness about education system, syllabuses and schools.
  •  To search non-school going children and support them in getting proper education.
  • To aware people against child labor.
  • To promote technical education for the betterment of the society.
  • To provide educations and skills to those who are unemployed due to the lack of proper education and skill.
  • To promote science in schools and other educational institutes.
  • To promote Arts in schools and other educational institutes.
  • To achieve the goal of being a developed and educated nation of the world.


  • Idrees Ahmad

Senior Vice President

  • Hafiz Sagheer

Vice President

  • Ahsan Ameen

General Secretary

  • Mehr Muhammad Rashid

Joint Secretary

  • Qasim Shehzad

Secretary Finance

  • Muhammad Riaz

Secretary Information

  • Abdurrehman

Executive Committee

  • Abdullah
  • Shahid Iltaf
  • Abdul Jabbar
  • Gohar Jamal Toosi
  • Khalid Ismail
  • Malak Feroz
  • Sahab Khan
  • Mazhar Waheed
  • Ahsan Ameen
  • Khawja Umer Farooq
  • Safdar Nadeem
  • Noman
  • Sajda Sarwar
  • Shagufta Rashid
  • Fozia Rashid
  • Malak Irfan
  • Faisal Khan
  • Arshad
  • Khalid Naich
  • Doctor Ehsan
  • Abdul Sattar
  • Shahid Iqbal