Silkscreen Printing and Screen Stretcher

Silk Screen Printing and Screen Stretcher There are several ways to make a stencil for silk screen-printing. An early technique was to make it by hand in the desired shape, either by cutting the design from a non-porous material and attaching it to the bottom of the silkscreen, or by painting a negative image directly on the silkscreen with a filler material which became impermeable when it dried. For an extra painterly method, the artist would choose to paint the image with drawing fluid, wait for the image to dry, and then coat the entire silk screen with screen filler. After the filler had dried, water was used to spray out the silkscreen, and simply the areas that were painted by the drawing fluid would wash away, leaving a stencil around it. This development enabled the artist to incorporate their hand into the process, to wait true to their drawing.

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