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Expression of personality

Expression of personality in adults usually in forms of seduction no matters where they are at the time of expression. It’s in Freud’s words the Libido. But I think its Argus. I stipulate the word Argus for expression of personality.

The Art of Effective Leadership

The main purpose of designing this course is to train team leaders in community so that they perform better in their fields. After the completion of this course almost all participants will be able to lead and pilot their sub-ordinate teams or community members with dexterity and confidence.

Knowledge and Education

Knowledge is known as the information which a person has. Person can get knowledge by getting education and from other resources. It is not necessary that if a person has knowledge he may also practically implement, knowledge is of two aspects practical and theoretical.

Last century for divine religions

God! watch the movie “Transcendence” It’s the same as we discussed earlier. Syed Fawad Bokhari may remember, I asked him during a discussion, if there is a computer, one day, having all the best from internet

The Rain (English poem)

About the poet: W.H. Davies is an English poet who was born in 1871 at Wales plus die in 1940. He...

Night Mail (English Poem)

W.H. Auden was born in 1907. He was educated at oxford and taught in England and Scotland for sometime. He wrote poetry and won fame in political and social circles. Among his famous volumes of verse are: look stranger (1936), another time (1940), the age of anxiety (1948).

A Sindhi Woman (English Poem)

This poem is a tribute to a working woman. Work creates rhythm in life. Work keeps a person strong and vigilant. An idle person will soon decay. This poem also portrays realistically the slums of Karachi in a few works.