Category: What is New

Maya 2016 – Adaptive foam in Bi-frost

Maya 2016 – Adaptive foam in Bi-frost – Improve froth, foam, and bubbles (“whitewater”) to fluid simulations, creating even more realism and point in scenes...

Maya 2015 Dynamic Effects

Maya 2015 Dynamic Effects. Bifrost procedural effects platform Simulate and render photorealistic liquids. Naiad’s photorealistic liquor simulation technology is back, as the source for the...


Maya 2014 (Download Free Trail)

Download a free 30-day trial Next-generation display technology Accelerated modeling workflows Full use of Maya No credit card required Online training and support Note: The...

ATOM Animation Transfer

ATOM Animation Transfer in Maya 2013

Another element of the new Open Data initiative. ATOM natively supports key-frames, constraints, animation layers, and Set-Driven-Keys, enables artists to more simply repurpose existing animation data as new characters are created.


Alembic Caching in Maya 2013

Read and write the Alembic open basis computer graphics interchange frame-work format, originally developed in 2010 by teams from Sony Pictures Image works and Industrial...