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Poly Modeling a Simple Room Window

This tutorial is about architectural modeling in Maya for interior and exterior designing. Mostly people use Polygonal modeling for architectural designing because it is easy...

Poly Editing Tools part 2

Poly editing tools are the most used tools of Maya throughout the world. Learn here on this basic tutorial for learners of Maya about Poly...

Extrude Poly along Curve

This tutorial is here to show you about concept of extrude polygon along curve in you scene. We extrude the object from to find a...


Spiral Stairs Creating in Maya

Now click the button duplicate and you will find a sequence of objects in an array. Changing angle of object, increasing the numbers of copies and making them the duplicates of object is a well known way of AutoCAD users to make arrays of objects.


Poly Editing Tools Part 1

Poly editing tools has been written as a script in MEL ( Maya Embedded Language). They are actually MEL commands that are executed when we apply them on some specific components of an object. But for an artist it is not necessary to know about the language or MEL.


Understanding Polygons

You can draw easily a polygon on paper. Polygons are straight shapes have three or more than three sides characterized by 3-dimensional points that are called vertices in Maya and the straight and direct lines that attach or connect those points, are called edges in Maya.