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interior design renderings Archives

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3D Bath Tub Download

You can adjust or tweak it according to your needs. It will take no time for rendering due to its low resolution. MayaVideoTutorial.com is sharing free Maya 3d models for free. You can download .mb file format of this model from here.

Maya MatchMover Tutorials

From this tutorial you can download Match Mover which allows you to get complete information about Maya modeling and animation. The informative tutorials link is...

How To Render in Maya 2011

General idea video of the Maya rendering and imaging tools. Find out more concerning the features in Autodesk® Maya® 3D animation, modeling, visual effects, rendering,...

Free Tutorials Maya Texturing uv 101

For beginners, UV mapping has always been a taxing part of the modeling/texturing process. Although the theory is rather simple (think of how you would...

Slicing effect by ramps in Maya (1)

In this lesson I’m going to show how to make slicing effect using simple shading networks. First make some geometry. You can use any type...

nparticles systems in maya

In this video tutorial we’ll specifically look at the stickiness functionality used for nParticles plus nCloth, nDynamic presets, the fill up volume for nParticles quality,...