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Airplane pt. 9JPG

Maya Modeling Basics: Airplane pt. 9

Maya Modeling Basics: Airplane pt. 9, this part is the Andrew Klein finishes the airplane cockpit and creates the air intake on the lowerside. At this time, he introduces the append polygon tool.

Airplane pt. 10JPG

Maya Modeling Basics: Airplane pt. 10

combine function which unites the two halves of the model, as well as the snap to grid functionality allowing verticies to be stuck to the centerline. From there, the tutorial examines how to merge components, and finally how to create a ready-to-animate propellor.

Maya 8 UV Editor Tutorial Part 1

Maya 8 UV Editor Tutorial Part 1

The following tutorial deals with texturing of gun model in Maya. The model is designed and now only texturing and coloring required to apply for better rendering process. You can see that this gun is fulfilling every requirements of perfect model, it has faces and edge etc. if you right click on the model and it offers you some option to modify it at advanced level. Convert this model into faces. The UV texture shows you detailed image of this model and when you convert the model into wireframe mode,

Texturing in Maya Part 1


In this video tutorial wee are going to show you basic liquid metal man character in Maya. You will have aware of Liquid metal man if not then watch English movie Terminator 2. Here we are trying to create same character in Maya 2009, so use same version instead of some other and follow the directions. The Maya 2009 contains some new features of nParticles. This is part 1 and maybe you have to face any problem but in further parts,


Interior Design Maya 2008 SimplyMaya Tutorial

The following tutorial is describing about how to work for interior design using Maya 2012. The interior design mostly contains complex kind of modeling with rendered image. There are plenty of things made in this scene. So don’t think so that this scene is created in just one attempt. It required various parts to create single think one by one method. First of all, keep one thing in mind that mostly polygonal primitives are used for interior designing. So same here, we take polygonal cube at first and adjust its setting by placing different attribute values.

Procedural Maya Texture (Part 1)

Procedural Maya Textures (Part 1)

The texturing is an extraordinary feature of Maya. When any model is designed, the texturing and shading is necessary for the best of your model. In case of Maya procedural texture, the image is created quite similar like a real image. The textured materials are integrated in Maya and these materials are much interfered in rendering. The rendering presents the image with all plug in material using in this model.

Including mel scripts in maya

Including MEL Scripts in Maya

This tutorial will introduce you about MEL Scripts in Maya projects. Maya has proper scripting language in MEL. Here we shall learn about Maya MEL...

Bouncing Ball 2

Maya Tutorial;Bouncing Ball 2

From this tutorial, we are going to begin a new series of learning Maya tutorials about entire animation production workflow in Maya. These tutorials are...

maya soft selection

Maya 2009 Soft Selection Overview

This is 3d modeling lesson in which you be learning about how to use the soft selection tool in 3d modeling and animation software Autodesk...

Rendering a wireframe in maya

In this 3d modeling lesson you will learn about how to render the wire frame mode object in 3d modeling and animation software Autodesk Maya....