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Maya Modeling Basics

Maya Modeling Basics Toy Part 01

From this tutorial, we are going to teach you about difference between NURBs and polygonal modeling. This tutorial series is consisting on 6 tutorials and...

Extrude Along Curve NURBS

This tutorial allows you to learn how to use extrude command in NURBs modeling. The method to describe the tutorial is quite easy that you...


Maya 2011 Architectural Modeling Part 11

In this free tutorial 3d texturing of a house you are going to learn coloring of door and windows of 3d house model in Maya 2011. This free tutorial video is actually a part of complete 3d modeling, texturing and rendering series for complete training watch other free tutorial videos of these series for modeling of every part individually.


Maya 2011 Architectural Modeling Part 12

This very basic lesson if you want to be a cinematographer in the World of Maya 2011. there are many type of lighting effects, ‘Ambient’ light is about how to light up like sun and moon, ‘Directional’ light is about giving light in a specific direction, ‘Point Light’ is like light of bulb, ‘Spot Light’ is like torch or study lamp lighting,