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New Node Editor in Maya 2013

Make, edit, and debug node networks more simply with the New Node Editor. 1. Choose from three levels of detail. 2. Rewire nodes in a...

Maya 2013 nHair

Maya 2013 nHair

Create stunning, highly realistic hair and other curve-based dynamics with the new Maya nHair module for the Maya Nucleus unified simulation framework. Make complex simulations...


Viewport 2.0 Enhancements in Maya 2013

Evaluate your work in a senior fidelity interactive surroundings in order to make better original decisions. Viewport 2.0 now presents a more functionally complete high-performance,...

Modeling a Robot and Rendering Using V-Ray - part3

Modeling a Robot and Rendering Using V-Ray Part 3

V-Ray is very powerful rendering engine for getting realistic output of you 3d graphics. Lights and shadow play very important role in rendering process. V-Ray rendering engine has built-in Global Illumination Settings for overcome at this issue.

Camera and Aim tracking Part 2

In this video tutorial by Stuart Christensen you will learn the tricks of using a camera to track objects as they move through space. You will utilize a motion path to create an object move through the scene, and use the equal motion path to help aim the camera.

maya 3d house

3D Hut Download

althogh this model has been prepared in 3d studion max frist time but now this is in mb format for the use of maya users. this 3d model is free for non comercial use.

3D Woman Model

This is a great 3d woman model made by polygon.This human femal model is very beautifull. Althogh this model has been prepared in 3d studion...


Camera and Aim tracking Part 1

Some time when we are creating our scenes for animation we have to track one object with a second object. Suppose we have a car...