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Free Maya Video Tutorials

Free Maya Video Tutorials Blog

Video – Step5 – NURBS Modeling Car Side Door

Polygonal 3d modeling a little bit limits your workflow for 3d modeling as you have to create 3d model with editing of polygon and also polygonal 3 d modeling is not the best way for 3d modeling smooth surfaces, for smooth 3d modeling you have to turn on to NURBS

Video – Step2 NURBS Modeling Car Hood

In this 3d modeling class video you will learn NURBS 3d modeling basic tools and commands control, as you know the 3d modeling has two steps 3d character setup and 3d character rigging; first 3d modeling step is 3d character setup means making of 3d character by own idea,

Video – Step1 Setting Up Reference Images

as you should know that there are three types of 3d modeling; one type of 3d modeling is using your own mind picture of 3d model and then making 3d model, second is using orthographic reference images of for 3d modeling and third one is importing 3d model from internet and attaching joints

Video – UV Mapping of a Room Window

UV Mapping of a Window – intorduction to Maya UV mapping video tutorial. http://www.desktopclass.com/maya//images/stories/videos/rendering/texuring_mapping/uv_mapping_window/uv_mapping_window.mp4

Video – Balls collision

In this 3d modeling lesson you will learn how to make 3d animation of billiard ball using Maya Dynamics tools and commands. Maya dynamic is though a term of 3d animation but due to wideness of the dynamics it has been titles as a complete menu set under the name of Dynamics but it related to 3d animation with respect to kind.