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How to model an Ancient Door Chain

This tutorial is about ancient door chain modeling in Maya with polygonal primitives. We are creating chain modeling for our premade model of mud hut. Select its walls and delete it, similarly select the roof and also delete it. Go to polygonal primitives and choose polygonal torus.

pumpkin in maya

Pumpkin in Maya

This tutorial deals with Maya NURBs modeling. We are working in Autodesk Maya 2008. In this tutorial we are going to create Pumpkin in Maya with NURBs modeling. As you know that NURBs modeling refers to CV curve setting therefore we also use same technique of CV curve setting. Go to create menu and choose CV curve.

Rendering in passes in Maya

Similarly do the same for each and every step of your scene individually. Take a test rendering and you will see that scene is really awesome but still it doesn’t have shadow. One thing that I forgot to mention here is that save this scene at that time.

Wireframe Rendering in Maya

In this video tutorial we’ll learn about how to render wireframe in Maya using mental ray. To start our project, just change the wireframe mode into surface shade. Now it is required to change surface shader attribute. There are various options offering us to use them for modification of our model.First of all choose texture as Ambient occulusion,

Video-3d Rocket Materials Part 4

This tutorial will demonstrate how to assign material to 3d objects in Maya and you will change the attributes of a material in Maya. After this tutorial you will be able to use Maya’s Hypershade, assign material and change their attributes. Although this is 4th part of whole series therefore we shall choose and assign proper material to our object. First of all select the cockpit and choose window and next Hypershade. Here you can see create bar panel on the left side of the Hypershade window.

Modeling 3D Gear with Poly

This Free video tutorial will explain how to model a gear with polygon. After this tutorial you will be able to model gear system for...

How to Polygon Cut Faces

In this tutorial we are going to show you about how to cut from side to side polygon faces in Maya. Mostly NURBs deals with...

Birail Tool Introduction

This is introductory tutorial of Birail tool. Birail tool is used for creating NURBs surfaces and their editing. This tool is included in Maya in...

Texturing in Maya Part 1

Texturing in Maya Part 1

Learn here on this site about Maya modeling and animation. You may also find some secondary application of modeling of Maya here. This tutorial is...