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Maya-Tutorial-Basics-Part 2

Maya Tutorial: Basics, Part 2 of 5

This is an introductory tutorial about some basic concept of Maya. We are splitting these concepts into different parts and this one is second part where we shall learn about viewport, transform and hotkey. When the object is opened in Maya, there we are in prospective view. We can convert the viewport into four viewports called orthographic viewport. There is button located on the left side of viewport, just click this button and the viewport split into four parts. Each part of viewport shows different point of view about given object.

Maya 8 UV Editor Tutorial Part 1

Maya 8 UV Editor Tutorial Part 1

The following tutorial deals with texturing of gun model in Maya. The model is designed and now only texturing and coloring required to apply for better rendering process. You can see that this gun is fulfilling every requirements of perfect model, it has faces and edge etc. if you right click on the model and it offers you some option to modify it at advanced level. Convert this model into faces. The UV texture shows you detailed image of this model and when you convert the model into wireframe mode,

Texturing in Maya Part 1


In this video tutorial wee are going to show you basic liquid metal man character in Maya. You will have aware of Liquid metal man if not then watch English movie Terminator 2. Here we are trying to create same character in Maya 2009, so use same version instead of some other and follow the directions. The Maya 2009 contains some new features of nParticles. This is part 1 and maybe you have to face any problem but in further parts,

Maya-Tutorial-Basics-Part 1

Maya Tutorial Basics Part 1 of 5

Here you are learning about some basic concept of Maya like Maya preference, Maya interface and Maya object creation. After this tutorial you will use the Maya in better way. This is part 1 of Maya basic and you will find out further parts in next steps. Maya is the Hindu goddess illusion and its 3d graphics are also similar about such features. Maya provides you such platform where you latterly bring your dream to life. Because of Maya complexity, it has many steep learning curves.

Texturing In Maya Part 2

Texturing In Maya Part 2

This tutorial is about texturing in Maya for a given file. You would have learned about something about texturing in Maya in previous part. Now we shall do some advanced work for texturing. The model is already created, so browse it from drives and use it for texturing. Go to window menu and then heypershade which is used for texturing. There are several blinns there which are considered as primary material for texturing.

Texturing a simple table

Maya Basics Tutorial Texturing a simple table

Here in this tutorial, we are going to texture the table in Maya. At this time we have already model of table. Though, the table has rough look, so we shall texture and provide appropriate material to the table to make its look perfect. Go to Hyper shade prospective icon and it will bring you toward material assigning application. The material is provided with empty blinn. Later on, this blinn is used for texturing and mapping of the model.


Interior Design Maya 2008 SimplyMaya Tutorial

The following tutorial is describing about how to work for interior design using Maya 2012. The interior design mostly contains complex kind of modeling with rendered image. There are plenty of things made in this scene. So don’t think so that this scene is created in just one attempt. It required various parts to create single think one by one method. First of all, keep one thing in mind that mostly polygonal primitives are used for interior designing. So same here, we take polygonal cube at first and adjust its setting by placing different attribute values.

Polygon Modeling and Texturing

Modeling and Texturing an architectural model with Maya

Here you are learning about polygon modeling for architectural model in Maya. Polygon modeling is used at larger scale in Maya modeling. If you want to learn polygonal modeling, then download model from this site and use it as reference image. Here you are guided with step by step method so that you could create model yourself. Suppose we want to create a 3D model of room, so choose polygonal cube and scale it uniformly to make it larger.

Fresh Maya Tutorial: Object – Wine Bottle (Part 2)

In this video tutorial, you are learning about simple modeling of wine bottle. This is second part of the series where we are working at secondary level. The model is nearly complete and some more steps are being performed on it. The model is prepared with the help of reference image and some basic steps are being used here. So keep these steps in mind and don’t forget to apply them during the whole process. We had made a bowl in our previous part and here we shall reshape it like a bottle by placing appropriate values for their attribute.

Procedural Maya Texture (Part 1)

Procedural Maya Textures (Part 1)

The texturing is an extraordinary feature of Maya. When any model is designed, the texturing and shading is necessary for the best of your model. In case of Maya procedural texture, the image is created quite similar like a real image. The textured materials are integrated in Maya and these materials are much interfered in rendering. The rendering presents the image with all plug in material using in this model.