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Modeling 3D Gear with Poly

This Free video tutorial will explain how to model a gear with polygon. After this tutorial you will be able to model gear system for...

Modeling a Tire with Poly 1

In this free tutorial you will learn how to model a tire with polygon primitives in Maya. After this tutorial, you will be able to...

Poly Mechanical Modeling

Here this tutorial is about poly mechanical modeling and its different features. Poly modeling is realized as greatest field of 3d modeling and designing. It...

Modeling a Poly Rim

This tutorial is about poly modeling of rim with polygon in Maya. It is very easy and simple lesson of modeling and we shall represent...

Creating Hydraulics in Maya

Modeling Hydraulics in Maya

Hi my name is Vishal Kawji. This is my first lesson for, so lets start modeling. This lesson is made using Maya 6.5. For...

Modeling a Tire with Poly II

Yes, it’s the most important thing for a modeler, the techniques of using tools. No doubt we know and can easily use many tools of some 3d software but unfortunately most of us don’t know where we should choose a proper tool for specific and most appropriate use.

Modeling a Tire with Poly III

Modeling a tire is possible with unlimited methods and ways of getting the most real shape or something more than real. This is one of the unlimited ideas.
Poly mechanical modeling is suitable for such type of objects which have the much details because you can control a poly object hundred times easily than a NURBS 3d object.

Modeling Nut Bolt with Polygons 1

In this tutorial we are going to model a NUT and BOLT with Polygons.
In this tutorial we are going to model a NUT and BOLT with Polygons. This tutorial belongs to Poly Mechanical Modeling in Maya.

Modeling Nut Bolt with Polygons 2

Note: you have almost completed the tutorial. Now it’s up to you that how you make your NUT more accurate and more enhances and smooth. You may try many tools, such as smooth, bevels and much more. Go ahead