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NURBS Modeling Car Wheel

In this video tutorial you will learn how to model a car Wheel with NURBS in Maya. After this tutorial you will be able to...

Step1 Setting Up Reference Images

In this step 1 you will set up reference images for our mini cooper model. This lesson is part 1 of our NURBS modeling project....

How to Animate 3D Gear

This free tutorial is about how to animate the 3D gear with simple technique of animation. There are two parts of this project, in part...

3d Rocket Animation

The following tutorial is guiding you about unique Maya modeling tutorials of 3D rocket animation. There are proper series of this project tutorial and it...

Maya General Projects

Learn here on this site about all kind of Maya projects. General projects of Maya mean the Projects that have all features at one place....

NURBS Modeling Car Bumper

This video tutorial is part 13 of our NRUBS car modeling project. In this tutorial you will model 3d bumper for Mini Cooper Car with NURBS in Maya. you will use NURBS primitive cylinder for creating bumper basic object and you will continue with the same primitive for other pieces.

NURBS Modeling Car Front Grill

In this part you will use create CV tool, Duplicate surface curves, attach curves and extrude a curve along another curve. As well as you will create grills by using loft tool and at the end you will create a NURBS ring for surrounding the whole grill.

NURBS Modeling-Car Seems

In this part you will learn modeling or creating seams and welds in Mini Cooper’s Model. If you see a real Mini in real life you may examine sign of welds or seams between tow surfaces in the body of Car. A 3d model must be like a real model that’s why we cannot leave modeling seams or welds in our project

NURBS Modeling Car Mudguard Shields

In this part of project you will use create CV tool for creating a profile curve for shields and then you will make surfaces with various techniques from them. At the end you will trim out the surfaces from other surfaces. It’s the best way of making wind screen or window panes like objects.