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Airplane pt. 9JPG

Maya Modeling Basics: Airplane pt. 9

Maya Modeling Basics: Airplane pt. 9, this part is the Andrew Klein finishes the airplane cockpit and creates the air intake on the lowerside. At this time, he introduces the append polygon tool.

Airplane pt. 10JPG

Maya Modeling Basics: Airplane pt. 10

combine function which unites the two halves of the model, as well as the snap to grid functionality allowing verticies to be stuck to the centerline. From there, the tutorial examines how to merge components, and finally how to create a ready-to-animate propellor.

How to Polygon Cut Faces

In this tutorial we are going to show you about how to cut from side to side polygon faces in Maya. Mostly NURBs deals with...

A foot

Modeling of foot

This tutorial explains how to apply simple polygon modeling tools in Maya to generate a nice foot in minutes. It includes “extrude” and “insert edge...

How To Model Human Teeth

How To Model Human Teeth

In previous tutorial we have learnt about cartoon modeling as well as character modeling. These character models are the source of animation and help us...

orthodox examination group

Head Modeling of Female Face

box modeling the female face In this tutorial we are required to explain the head modeling of female face. First of all we think it...

How to Create a Wheel 2

How to make a Wheel -Part 02

Welcome again in the second part of hand cart modeling. We shall now do final work on the modeling of handcart. Select the front faces...