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New Maya features Video

Toolsets for simuleition, animation, rendering, and modeling View Maya demo videos. Maya features allow you to tackle challenging productions. Get powerful included 3D animation, modeling,...


Alembic Caching in Maya 2013

Read and write the Alembic open basis computer graphics interchange frame-work format, originally developed in 2010 by teams from Sony Pictures Image works and Industrial...

Maya 2013 nHair

Maya 2013 nHair

Create stunning, highly realistic hair and other curve-based dynamics with the new Maya nHair module for the Maya Nucleus unified simulation framework. Make complex simulations...


Maya Dynamics

Here you will find number of tutorials about Maya dynamic and nDynamic. This particular tutorial is also among one of them. Generally the dynamic is...

Introduction to nCloth

Introduction to nCloth in Maya

The nCloth modifier is already integrated in Maya. With an extra attention, you can understand the way it works. We are presenting its introduction

Making Female Hair in Maya part 1

Making Female Hair in Maya

The hair is also plug in Maya and it is up to you that how and where you can use it in your project. When you have assigned this plug in to your character, then render your scene.

Soft Bodies Basics

You can create unbelievable effects using soft bodies such as water flow, viscosity, plasma effects and much much more with soft bodies.

Understanding Attribute of Gravity Field

This free Maya video and text tutorial is about changing gravity field’s attributes. In this text tutorial you will use gravity field for the gravitational...

Balls collision

This tutorial will show you a passive body which is static and that is board roughly made for the tutorial and other all objects are active rigid bodies and they are simply balls make for applying active rigid body on them.