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Maya Hard Surface Modeling

Finally it will become nearly square shape. Select the vertices mode and grab it to Y-axis. The side will be automatically turned. Grab the side edges slightly, and now make copy of them. Now it became base for electric machine, the smaller hole is used for holding.


Patch Modeling a Face in Maya

Learn here on this site about all modeling and animation projects working in Maya. This specific tutorial is about patch modeling of face in Maya. We are working in Maya 2010, so you also use same version of Maya. Split the viewport setting into orthographic viewport and view the model from different angles. Take polygonal cube and use it for patching. Take start from nose from front viewport at Y-axis. In this situation, the object manipulation

Advanced Maya 2012 Rigging

Here you will learn about character rigging in Maya 2012 with some advanced features. The character basic skeleton is created with the help of joints set up. The model is in standing position with stretching arms. The model is now in wireframe mode. The character is rigging from joint set up. There are main joints at wrist, elbow, shoulder point and these joints are used for moving, rotating and stretching the arms for performing any action. It is better to use outliner; it allows you to modify the shape of the model along with joints.

Maya Tutorials: Modeling with Lattices

This tutorial is describing about modeling application of Maya. You have learnt about modeling and its different part in previous tutorials. This tutorial is yet a bit different from those traditional modeling. Here you will learn about modeling with lattices. The lattice allows you to reshape the model at your own choice, it is also used in animation. The lattice is very powerful and useful tool of modeling as well. As you know that lattice is related to deformers, therefore you can get access to this tool by click in deformer drop down menu. Take NURBs cone from shelf menu, increase the spawn by use mouse.


Maya 2012 Tutorial – Transparency and Refractions

In this video tutorial you will learn about transparency and refraction. The refraction is a term which belongs to lighting application. The refraction is just like a curve having transparent material. The refraction is produced by clear crystal and transparent material for example, crystal glass full of water demonstrated the refraction and the assigned liquid expresses the water because of applied material setting. In attribute editor, here you can see the material shape after every assigning material.

Maya 2012 New Features – Substance

This tutorial is introducing you with some advanced feature of Maya 2012. We are trying to include and present all the necessary features of Maya here on our site. This specific tutorial is demonstrating substance feature of Maya. This feature is now available in Maya 2012 and we are presenting such scene in which this feature is used properly. The substance manages and restores texture material for the model. The Substance nodes are located in hyper shade with 2D texture. Maya enables you to get change in new different style after choosing these nodes properly.

Maya 2012 New Features – Dynamics Simulation

In this tutorial of Maya 2012, we shall talk about Dynamic and simulation. You would have seen about different useful affects of Maya. These affects are already integrated in Maya application. You just have knowledge about how to use them in your scene. These affects are added in any scene to make it realistic and awesome. The affects are included in scene with particle system and when you render the scene or play the animation quite similar to the actual scene. The particle system possesses variety of particle affects which are used for creating wind affect, fire, water etc.

Basic Concepts of Maya 2012

This tutorial is describing some basic concepts of Maya 2012. Hopefully you will familiar with these commands but still anywhere some changes are there. So...

Industry Tip: Creating an Advanced Arm Rig Part 3

The hand should wait allied with the arm. Go back the IK handle to it create location by zeroing out its Translate attributes. If the IK handle is as well little to create its treatment easy, decide Display / Animation / IK Handle Size and go into a worth better than 1.0 in the size meadow of the IK Handle show level window.