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Maya Animation Archives

Category: Maya Animation

Motion Builder 2012 New Features Part 2 – Retargeting & One Click

In this tutorial of Maya 2012, we shall learn about motion builder with retargeting and one click on work character. If we want to jump our character, then create two motion builders, one for standing position and other one will be used for jumping setup. So merge the basic skeleton of the character and assign it to the model. The character skeleton will start running but in real animation, the character becomes smaller in case of walking, running or jumping. Now when we play the animation, the character follows the skeleton but one thing that we shall notice here difference between character and skeleton size.

Driven key

How to set driven key in Maya

In this Tutorial you will learn about Key setting while you are creating any vibrancy. As concerned of new user, they mostly set a key...

Bouncing Ball 2

Maya Tutorial;Bouncing Ball 2

From this tutorial, we are going to begin a new series of learning Maya tutorials about entire animation production workflow in Maya. These tutorials are...

Offsetting Animation within an Instancer

The Instancer (substitute) instrument is talented to transport animation from the basis thing to the instances. Unluckily, the animation on each solitary example is in...

Maya Lesson Bouncing Ball Part 1

This is another new series of free tutorial videos on freemayavideotutorials.com about 3de modeligna and animation fundamentals in 3d modeling and animation software Maya. In...

Maya Camera Animation Tutorial

Maya Camera Animation Tutorial

This free tutorial video is captured from a 3 d modeling class of 3d modeling animation software Maya. You can do 3d modeling, 3d animation...