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Significant Figures Part 1 (F.Sc-Physics-Chapter-1)

Let the end point of the line lies between 10.3 and 10.4 cm marks. By convention, if the end of the line does not touch or cross the midpoint of the smallest division, the reading is confined to the previous division. In case the end of the line seems to be touching or have crossed the midpoint, the reading is extended to the next division.


Aql, Gunah aur Jawaaz

Description: This PDF file contains a small piece of writing in Urdu language. It’s actually a little story of a...

Uncertainty Principle 0

Uncertainty Principle

It is ∆ X ∆ P ≥ h/2∏, means Momentum and position of an electron, both cannot be measured at the same time. You can either tell momentum or position of an electron in a little tiny fraction of time but not the both.

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What is Capitalism

With the growth of the Empire, the capitalistic economy flourished too and established itself in Europe. However, with the collapse of the Empire, mercantilism was almost replaced by feudalism in Europe, while the former managed to survive in Arabia by 6th century.

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Thought Experiment

I am not a scientist nor have any formal education in physics besides elementary school. I just have an interest in how nature works (more like a hobby) and this thought experiment just kinda came to me the other night.

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Phylum chordate

The notochord is a rod-like semi rigid body of vacuolated cells which are filled with proteinaceous material which extends in most cases the length of the body between enteric canal and the dorsal hollow central nervous system.